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        Welcome to Great Lake T'ai Chi Ch'uan!

Learn gradually to let go; to relax your body,

quiet your mind and refresh your spirit.

Regardless of age or physical condition when you begin practice t'ai chi can help you reconnect with yourself, manage stress and reduce the effects of

wear and tear on the body. 

The practice of T'ai Chi is ideal as part of
An Athlete's more rigorous training program


as a mind-body practice that will serve one well through all of life's changes including the physical limitations of injury, illness and aging. 


You're welcome to try a Class for Free!

Thinking of trying something new but not sure if T'ai Chi is for you? We always offer a free trial class. You're welcome to any of our classes for beginning students to give it a try! Or stop by our on-going classes to observe and chat with us and our students.

Visit our schedule page for details!

Five Basic Tai Chi Principles:


Body Upright

Separation of Weight

Move from the Waist

Beautiful Lady's Wrist

"The practice of Tai Chi is about discovering yourself.  It's about forces of the world - both natural and unnatural and how one relates to them.  It's about focus and about balance. It's the understanding that things change and knowing how to stay centered throughout the changes."

                                   - Ed Young

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