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Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of exercise consisting of a series of slow moving postures performed in a mindful and relaxed manner. In time, practice enables us to release stress and tension, improve body alignment and balance, increase calmness and vitality while developing a deeper awareness and understanding of our body and mind.


learned correctly and performed regularly, tai chi can be a positive part of an overall approach to improving your health. The benefits of tai chi include:

Decreased stress and anxiety
Increased aerobic capacity
Increased energy and stamina
Increased flexibility, balance and agility
Increased muscle strength and definition


Some evidence indicates that tai chi also may help:

Enhance quality of sleep
Enhance the immune system
Lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure
Improve joint pain
Improve symptoms of congestive heart failure
Improve overall well-being in older adults

Reduce risk of falls in older adults


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Wuwei Taichi Club - Our cover picture is the artwork of our beloved T'ai Chi brother David Chen. His spirit lives on in his art, his writings and in each one of us who was fortunate enough to cross paths with him. For more info about David and to see more of his work visit this site which is also a good source of information and links to other organizations, books and dvds.

Five Basic Tai Chi Principles:


Body Upright

Separation of Weight

Move from the Waist

Beautiful Lady's Wrist

"The practice of Tai Chi is about discovering yourself.  It's about forces of the world - both natural and unnatural and how one relates to them.  It's about focus and about balance. It's the understanding that things change and knowing how to stay centered throughout the changes."

                                   - Ed Young

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