Great Lake T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Great Lake T'ai Chi Ch'uan

'T'ai chi mind and body'  by Tricia Yu  (We recommend this book for our beginning students)


'Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on Tai Chi Ch'uan'  by Cheng Man-ch'ing


'T'ai chi the Supreme Ultimate exercise for Health, Sport and Self-Defense'
by Cheng Man-ch'ing  and  Robert Smith


'The Essence of 'Tai chi ch'uan'  translated by Lo/Inn/Amacker/Fo


'T'ai chi Ch'uan Ta Wen Questions and Answers on T'ai Chi Ch'uan'

by Chen Wei-Ming  Translated by Lo and Smith


For Purchase:

Maggie Newman Archives on Vimeo

The Master Tapes, Cheng Man Ching

The Professor, Tai Chi's Journey West


Free on You Tube:


Tricia Yu  -


Professor Cheng -


Ben Lo -

Five Basic Tai Chi Principles:


Body Upright

Separation of Weight

Move from the Waist

Beautiful Lady's Wrist

"The practice of Tai Chi is about discovering yourself.  It's about forces of the world - both natural and unnatural and how one relates to them.  It's about focus and about balance. It's the understanding that things change and knowing how to stay centered throughout the changes."

                                   - Ed Young

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